Amazon Fashion Landing Pages

Amazon's Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry department wanted to position itself as a destination for fashion products.  However, the landing page for their department was not inspiring.  I recommended a new design, which was very well received, and was possible to build within their technical environment.  When it launched it increased time on page, scroll depth, and click-through to key campaigns for the fashion business.


The Redesigned Fashion Landing Page

  • The new design showcased the most important current campaigns, and helped tell a single seasonal story across the clothing, shoes and jewelry departments. 
  • It used existing assets that were already produced, edited and approved for those campaigns.  We did this to ensure the page could have regularly updated content with minimal effort, and to help create a consistent and fresh message from Amazon Fashion.
  • Similarly, the bottom half of the page re-used exact hero-image assets from key sub-department landing pages as a way to encourage ingress into those departments for users who didn't click through the primary content at the top of the page.  Merchants who planned this landing page could choose the most important and relevant categories and immediately have the necessary images ready for them.

The Old Page

For comparison, here is what the page looked like before the redesign.


Desktop, Tablet, & Phone

The new design also worked at any screen size (the original didn't change at all).